First Injury

Today’s Run

Time – 53:39
Distance – 5.4 miles
Pace – 9:50 min/mi
Elevation – 127 ft.


Easy run day after the hard run yesterday. Just circled the neighborhood, no big hills or fast paces. I tweeked my inner right thigh with about a 1 mile to go, and eased it in. I’m going to have to take Friday off and let my leg recover.

Man Down!

The cramping was down today, but now I’ve gone and hurt myself. Nothing serious, but I’ve definitely got a problem with the muscle on my inner thigh. I felt a twinge during the fast group run yesterday, but I figured that it was just soreness. It didn’t hurt during the day, and only bothered me at the very end of the run tonight. But, this means I’ll need to slow down and take it easy.

I have the luxury of having the impending arrival of Baby Girl next week giving me extra days off, so I’ll have that going for me. I wanted to get in more miles before she shows up, however, the plan will need to change. Friday is a regularly scheduled off-day, so I’ll rest it then and see what kind of miles happen on Saturday and Sunday.

Turkeys and Turnover

Today’s Run

Time – 1:09:26
Distance – 7.1 miles
Pace – 9:43 min/mi
Elevation – 240 ft.

Pace Chart from Strava

All of my posts on runs seem to be coming the day after I actually do the run, but I’m still getting the data out there. I went out to do 7 miles, did 7.1, and felt great. Slow running, kept the heartrate down to make this a long recovery from the group run on Wednesday. It was windy on the way out, but there is a huge hill at the start of the second half, so no negative split.

Getting the legs to turnover

So…I figured out that it’s best to make sure that I check on the start of Thanksgiving dinner BEFORE I go on my run, otherwise, we end up 20 minutes late. Sorry, Mom!

Running on Wednesday, we were keeping a good pace on the way back in from the run, and I was having to push to keep up. As I was going, I experimented with a much quicker cadence than I normally get. I don’t have the ability to track it yet (it’s coming in the Christmas Gift), but I could tell I was moving the feet more. It had two affects: 1) the heartrate stayed much higher, and 2) I felt much smoother moving down the trail. It’s a trade-off, therefore. I don’t have the best cardio endurance and capacity yet. I’m still overcoming the years of fat. But if I can get the heart to be better/stronger/more efficient, which will take more long, slow runs, I’ll be able to increase my turnover and get more speed.

It’s not going to be about a big, long stride for me. My legs are short for my height, which will limit my stride length and overall top speed. But I’m not looking for the Olympics, here. I want to find 18:00-ish minute 5k pace. I’m looking to do 6:00/miles for 3 miles, which is an 18:38, or thereabouts. Will it happen? I don’t know, but I have to have a goal.

My Strava mile best on Wednesday went down again, too. 8:11 for a mile in the midst of a 5 mile run. I’m continuing to get faster. Is there a 6:00/mile in there, somewhere?

Running In The Dark On Halloween

Today’s Run

Time – 53:59
Distance – 5.4 miles
Pace – 9:53 min/mi
Elevation – 141 ft.

Medium length run, for me, anyway. Nothing too impressive. I ate a lot less yesterday, which translated into some slower miles today, interestingly enough. I hadn’t realized how much I was fueling up for the next day’s running until I didn’t one day. The pace was slower than I expected during those middle miles, but I still had energy to push. Just not as much as I would have liked.


Running around in the dark at night on Halloween isn’t as scary as one would imagine. Especially when there’s a huge party in the middle of town for the annual Halloween parade. I ran past the festivities. Loud and fun as always!

I also did a virtual race last night, which was my first. The idea is this: You register for the event online, they send you a race shirt, bib number, and finisher medal, then you go out and run, and when you’re done you record your time on the website. Simple, easy, and so modern-day-internet that it’s almost hilarious. The idea is great for people who can’t get to races, or want to do something interesting for their running. But I think some of the fun with running is going to races. This perpetuates the concept of community through electronic means, which is fine. There’s something for the human touch, the feel of the energy in the group, the sounds, the smells, and visuals.

I’m not replacing my races with virtual races, to be sure, but I have to admit, the finisher medal is pretty cool.


I’m a Race Car!

Today’s Run

Time – 44:14
Distance – 4.2 miles
Pace – 10:32 min/mi
Elevation – 0 ft.


Indoor track run today. Pushed a bit, but the overall pace doesn’t show it because the cool down walk was included above. I was probably a good 35–40 seconds faster per mile for the pace, which is quick. I’m happy with this run, especially with the weather outside.

Left Turn!

It was raining and windy and getting colder by the minute, and I haven’t bought any cold weather running gear yet, so I went off to the YMCA to go running. I arrived to find the lights in the fitness center out and a sign that it was closed until 10/12 for maintenance and equipment replacement. At least I’ll have new treadmills to look forward to this winter!

In the meantime, I was without a motorized running surface, and the sign redirected me to the running track above the basketball courts.

I’ve never run on this track, so my expectations were cloudy at best. I just wanted to run, and the 40 degree F wind chill outside was making this the best available option. I put my keys in the locker, turned to the track, and checked the direction. Counterclockwise on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, and clockwise the rest of the time. Then I noticed the other item on the sign. 13 laps to a mile…that’s a whole lot of left turns…

219 left turns later, and now I know what a NASCAR feels like. VROOM, VROOM!