It Actually Happened

Today’s Run

Time – 31:16
Distance – 3. miles
Pace – 9:30 min/mi
Elevation – Treadmill at 1%


Treadmill run as the temperature outside is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and I don’t have gloves or tops warm enough right now. The run was good considering I’m battling a cold or RSV, not sure which. I did the second mile at 7.7 MPH (7:47/mile pace), so that’s probably the fastest mile I’ve ever run. Ended with a comfortable jog and did some planks after the run. Core work will need to become part of the routine.

Christmas in the hospital is no fun

Baby Girl’s RSV progressed slowly the rest of Christmas Eve into Christmas Day, but by the evening of Christmas, it had us VERY worried. We decided to take her into the ER to have her looked at, and, because she’s only 3 weeks old, they admitted her. So we spent three days in the hospital, with Baby Girl on an IV (precautionary, though, as she was still eating well), and oxygen. Nothing like the look of a newborn with tubes up her nose…

But, thanks to Baby Girl’s resiliency and the dedicated work of the doctors, nurses, and staff, we’re back home and she’s fine! She’s eating even more now, which is fantastic, and she’s sleeping well. The Wife and I still have our own complications from the RSV to deal with, but it’s not nearly as difficult on adults.

Now that this is over, I can get back to running more. I won’t hit this week’s goal of 30 miles, but I should be able to get in runs to finish off the week and back on schedule next week.

So, hopefully, I’ll be posting again tomorrow.


Welcome Back to the Land of the Living

Today’s Run

Time – 1:00:13
Distance – 5.9 miles
Pace – 10:03 min/mi
Elevation – 158 ft.

Baby Girl has arrived!

Today’s run was COLD! 15–20 MPH winds, temperatures right around freezing, and no sunshine make for a brisk run. It felt good to get back out there after 5 days off. No pain, it wasn’t too difficult, just freezing! I even threw in a 8:57 mile accidentally, just for fun I guess.

Where have you been?!

So, The Wife delivered Baby Girl on Tuesday afternoon, after a strange delay due to a procedural issue at the hospital. It was nobody’s fault, just a momentary issue that was resolved reasonably quickly, and then we were put back on the schedule for the afternoon and, voila, we have Baby Girl! She’s beautiful, happy, and home. Both she and The Wife are doing just fine, and we’re all adjusting, including Little Buddy and the Teenager. Glad to be back to the start of normality. Now, on to healing for The Wife and getting back on schedule for me, which will require a whole new schedule…


IMG_1018Rest Day!

Running today would have set me up for a 6-run week. I’ve got tomorrow and Saturday all planned out, but I need to get a little work done for my Master’s. That, and get my wedding ring resized (again). Looks like I’m not running today.

Off-days are hard sometimes. The lack of endorphines is something that can be difficult to process. It really messes with my head sometimes. I’m dealing, though. It’s something that I need to learn. Not everyday can be a run day (crazed Running Streaks not withstanding…seriously, check these folks out, they’ve been doing this a long time!).

Having said all that, and despite my up and down mental state due to a chemical imbalance of positive hormones, I’m still feeling good about my runs and ready for tomorrow. Another solid breakfast of Greek yogurt and granola is on tap…I have a nearly inappropriate desire to eat those two things every day for breakfast…

We all must have our obsessions…