Today’s Run

Time – 1:32:38
Distance – 10.0 miles
Pace – 9:16 min/mi
Elevation – 210 ft.

This guy is cold!

#GetOutTheDoor is real! I got to run outside today before the freezing rain (which wasn’t so freezing after all) arrived. 10 miles of windy goodness, which I enjoyed immensely. I went out at 9:20–9:30/mile, and figured I would just hold that the whole way. As I came back, I got nervous about the rain, I had to pee, and I was getting cold (those last two are a bad combination), so I picked it up a bit and ran 9:03 pace for the last 4 miles, all at a 153 HR. That’s really good for me! I can really see the speed kicking in. There’s a lot of opportunity in these legs. Plus I negatively split the run by more than 90 seconds, which I will take on a 10-miler!

Technology is cool

My running watch has a prediction capability based on different calculations that will tell me what it thinks I can run. While some of these numbers seem ludicrous, they may not be that far off. Today’s run, which was long for me, showed me that I have a lot of ability in my legs, especially as distance wears on. I may never be an elite marathoner or win at Western States, but I might still be able to get to some of my goals.

These numbers are based on the calculation that the watch does for VO2Max. This is something that normally requires much more sophisticated equipment than a HR strap and a running watch to measure, but the general nature of the prediction is the key here. The watch thinks that a 22:11 5k is possible, as well as a 1:41:57 half marathon. Both are still fast for me, and the prediction assumes perfect conditions, but this gives me something that I can aim to accomplish.

Today was a 10 mile run in the cold. I wasn’t wanting to race it, and I haven’t spent any time doing speedwork, or even running very fast for that matter. But I was able to run at a speed for 4 miles at the end that would have caused me to fall over just a few months ago. I know that I’ve been growing and improving as a runner, and that those improvements will taper off. For right now, though, they continue to give me hope that I can do this thing that I want to do.

I CAN run 100 miles. I CAN run faster than I ever have before. I WILL run.


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