Everybody Wants to Steal My Girl

Today’s Run

Time – 45:54
Distance – 5.0 miles
Pace – 9:04 min/mi
Elevation – Treadmill at 1%

Daddy, you stink at picking music!

Got to 5 miles today on the treadmill. 1 mile warmup at 9:30 pace, then 3 miles at 8:49/mile, then 1 mile cool down. The middle mile of the tempo started to feel hard, but then the 3rd mile was much easier. I guess I settled in. The heart rate doesn’t really bear that out, but sometimes it just doesn’t hurt as much.

Music makes the run go down

I’m one of those people that run with music. Not every time, but quite frequently. I do not, however, curate extensive playlists of music that fit 180 BPM for cadence assistance (180 steps per minute is the optimal running cadence, and a 180 BPM song will help you step on the beat), or long and sweeping lists of music that I think are my “power songs.” I have a couple that I like, and then there’s just music.

Most of my playlists never get deleted, and I’m pretty random about playlist selection when it comes to running. This is how I found myself finishing up yesterday to One Direction.

Sometimes I wonder why I ever downloaded this crap in the first place…


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