2017 Results

Today’s Run

Time – 40:04
Distance – 4.1 miles
Pace – 9:33 min/mi
Elevation – Treadmill at 1%

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 8.19.22 AM
2017 Strava Running

Finished off the week and the year with a treadmill run. 1 mile warmup, then started at 9:13/pace and dropped it by 20–30 seconds/mile until 4 miles, then I walked on a separate timer to cooldown. So that makes this a 3 mile progression run. Got a call in the middle of the run, so I left the treadmill going and stepped to the side to take it quick. I lost about 90 seconds of running.

Was it worth it?

So, some statistics from the last 6-ish months:
* 597.2 miles of running
* 103 hours, 2 minutes of running
* 111 total runs since July 10th

That first run, on July 10, was a 2.2 mile run at a 12:03/mile pace, and an average heart rate in the 150’s. I went down the hill from the house, around the circle at the main part of campus, and back up to the house. It was, for all intents and purposes, a standard run of mine for a while. I shuffled my way through it, but it was the start.

Last run of the year, on the treadmill, had a 148/BPM heart rate and was much faster, further, and an actual workout with a goal. Without the issues with the hospital, I was averaging 30+ miles a week since the end of September. I’m scheduled to run a marathon in 14 weeks. This is happening.

I’ve expected that running regularly will make it easier. At the beginning, it’s awful, to be sure. I didn’t enjoy it very much some days, and I had to force myself out the door a few times. The most important thing, however, to getting better at running is one thing: CONSISTENCY. Just keep running.

Have a great New Year, everyone!


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