Sick Christmas

Today’s Run

Time – 55:33
Distance – 5.8 miles
Pace – 9:31 min/mi
Elevation – 180 ft.

Running in a winter wonderland!  Merry Christmas, everyone!

Christmas Eve run with the new watch I received on Saturday, a Garmin Forerunner 935. Very good watch, I’m now getting consistent pace information as I run. It was snowing, and the wind was blowing, and it was 26 degrees Fahrenheit outside as I ran, so VERY cold. But a good run, considering that I’m not in the best shape with RSV running around our house. Glad to get out the door, legs felt fine. The pace was really easy to hit, so I’m expecting great things this spring when the weather starts to improve.

And EVERYONE has gotten sick

Baby Girl wasn’t well, so we took her into the doctor on Friday afternoon. Turns out she has RSV, which explains why Little Buddy was so sick this week. It appears, now that we’re 3–4 days into it, that she’ll be okay if today goes alright, but we have to be very diligent about keeping an eye on her. I’ve been battling this, and so far I’m winning, but the Teenager went down on Saturday for a while. The Wife got hit last night, so I’m pretty sure that today is going to be all about cleaning and scrubbing and getting all exposed surfaces wiped down. Nothing like illness during the holidays.

And, to bury the lead, yet again, it’s Christmas! Merry Christmas to you all! We’ve had a nice time so far. Gifts on the 23rd, in case we needed to take Baby Girl in to the hospital on Christmas Eve or Day for additional support (fluids, clear her airways, etc.). The boys have loved it, The Wife didn’t give me coal this year, and we have been able to be together, which is all you can ask at this time of year.

The running will continue, as it has to in order to meet THE GOAL. Have a safe and happy holiday season.


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