Running Blind

Today’s Run

Time – 59:29
Distance – 6.4 miles
Pace – 9:18 min/mi
Elevation – 153 ft.

Urban light pollution much?

Anything to get out the door and run. I skipped yesterday, which was my second day off this week so far, to take care of sick kids. I got in today’s run in last of the good weather, felt good, and ran really hard for mile 4 (8:07). Glad I got it in.

It was late, and the weather will turn soon

Left work late, stopped to get dinner, hit the grocery store, and picked up Starbucks for The Wife, who was taking care of sick kids today. Little Buddy went to stay with grandparents tonight, so Baby Girl and the Teenager were the only ones at home. I was able to get out, which was good, as this might be the last warm night for a while. It was bright out, too, with the cloud cover, so I was able to enjoy parts of the run a little more because it wasn’t quite pitch black.

Stress can be “not easy” some days, especially when things get off track. It’s really a pain when the little things go off the rails. When big stuff breaks, everything has to stop and the world comes together to fix the broken. When the little stuff gets delays, or issues, or just isn’t quite right, then everything seems to domino. A couple of days of a sick kid moves around the order of operations for the whole household, and then the extra time needed to get the house-buying paperwork together can throw in another delay, and suddenly everything is off-kilter.

Patience has to be the order of the day in these situations, I’m learning. Nothing is ever going to go right 100% of the time, so just wait for the correct timing, and do what can be done to keep things from stacking up. It’s amazing what turning on a nearly full dishwasher can do to remedy a day gone haywire. No, it’s not completely full, and can feel like a waste. But having all of the mugs and spoons and forks clean can make the latter part of the day seem easier.

This is a random series of thoughts, but I guess the theme is that, while some things will break and affect the course of a day, nothing small has to ruin a day if it gets worked around properly. You CAN run at 8:30 PM, even if it pushes dinner out to 10:15 PM. You CAN finish health insurance enrollment paperwork when the evening is coming to an end, because it makes the next day much simpler. Little issues can be mitigated with little adjustments.

Even if it does seem like sometimes you have to run in the blindness of the dark, there may be cloud-cover and urban light pollution that brightens up sidewalk.


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