Thinking About Futures

Today’s Run

Time – 57:23
Distance – 5.9 miles
Pace – 9:40 min/mi
Elevation – 215 ft.

What do you see?

Easy run today with a fast finish just because it was getting cold and I wanted to get home. These are the miles that make a difference in April, May, and June. Felt fine to go easy. No pain, no struggle, just running.

Look Into My Crystal Ball

So many things can change so quickly, it’s sometimes hard to see what’s coming next and how it will affect your life. We have had a number of changes around here, and there’s still more to come over the next weeks and months as Baby Girl grows, Little Buddy moves from preschool to all-day school, and the Teenager prepares for Driver’s Ed and his future. YIKES!!!

In the meantime, the Wife and I continue the search for a house for our little tribe, with the hopes that running will be easy in the neighborhood, the house will fit all of our eccentric needs, and that it will be the right price. That’s not asking too much, is it?

I’ve never really been one to get nervous about the future. I’ve always had more issues with the anticipation. I wanted to see what happens next. Not that I want to fast forward to get there, because life is filled with too many moments to pass up. My desire is to know more than anything. This is why I’m still pursuing my Master’s degree outside of my field of employment, and why I read so much about running and other things. The desire of KNOWLEDGE is worth the time to me. Perhaps I’ll always be a student.

More knowledge, however, doesn’t tell the future. It won’t give me insight about what’s coming next. But what it will do is prepare me for those moments when I need to have understanding about the situation and be able to make educated decisions. In the end, that’s what learning is about all, isn’t it? Educated decisions.

What do you still want to learn?


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