First Injury

Today’s Run

Time – 53:39
Distance – 5.4 miles
Pace – 9:50 min/mi
Elevation – 127 ft.


Easy run day after the hard run yesterday. Just circled the neighborhood, no big hills or fast paces. I tweeked my inner right thigh with about a 1 mile to go, and eased it in. I’m going to have to take Friday off and let my leg recover.

Man Down!

The cramping was down today, but now I’ve gone and hurt myself. Nothing serious, but I’ve definitely got a problem with the muscle on my inner thigh. I felt a twinge during the fast group run yesterday, but I figured that it was just soreness. It didn’t hurt during the day, and only bothered me at the very end of the run tonight. But, this means I’ll need to slow down and take it easy.

I have the luxury of having the impending arrival of Baby Girl next week giving me extra days off, so I’ll have that going for me. I wanted to get in more miles before she shows up, however, the plan will need to change. Friday is a regularly scheduled off-day, so I’ll rest it then and see what kind of miles happen on Saturday and Sunday.


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