Running for Fun and Profit

Today’s Run

Time – 1:25:52
Distance – 8.6 miles
Pace – 9:59 min/mi
Elevation – 192 ft.


Sometimes Strava confuses me. I ran 8.6 miles, no mile was over 9:52 pace, and I’m getting a 9:59 average. Sometimes the internet seems broken. It was cold, windy, and the roads were wet. The run didn’t hurt, and I didn’t have any issues running that long without water. It was a good run.

Running when it matters, matters

I took two days off because of schedules and other reasons, so I was able to relax and think about other things. Today was a tight day, with lots to do and not a lot of time. But I got the run in, because, well, I needed to run. It had been two days, and it was time to run again.

Running for running sake is fine. It’s perfectly acceptable to run because I enjoy it. When its time to run, though, I have to make sure to get it in. Consistency is how this works. Running often is how the work gets done, and how the body builds and gets stronger.

Keep running when you want to, go running when you should, and #GetOutTheDoor.


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