Tired Eyes

Today’s Run

Time – 42:10
Distance – 4.2 miles
Pace – 9:55 min/mi
Elevation – 113 ft.


Easy run around the neighborhoods nearby. Nothing too fast or too rough. A couple of bigger hills just to keep the legs moving. Otherwise, it wasn’t too cold for shorts, but not too comfortable to stay out a long while. I felt a couple of tweeks at the end in my legs and ankles, so I cut out the last mile and turned for home one street early. I’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Bed by 9:30

Some nights, I stay up…no, not the lyrics by Fun.…and watch TV, play chess, or work (usually the latter). There’s always something to do, and after the kids go to bed, The Wife and I get to sit together and have Our Time. As of late, she’s been a little tired (I guess that being 9 months pregnant will do that!) and I’ve had some time to myself.

Last night, however, I crashed at 9:30. I was ready to end the day early! It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes I just need to get to bed at an indecent hour of the night.

They say that rest is the best thing for getting better at running. It’s during the down times that your body gets stronger. Typing in “Rest for better running” in Google returns a significant number of results, including thefirstthree…from Runner’s World. Perhaps they do their Search Engine Optimization right…

Hitting the hay early is a good thing. I’m realistic, though. I can’t go to bed and sleep 8–9 hours a night every night. First off, my body automatically woke up this morning at 4:45, 15 minutes before my alarm. I can’t go more than about 7–7.5 hours at a stretch. It’s just not how I’m wired. Secondly, there’s a lot to do with work, school, family, and other responsibilities. I’m okay with a standard bedtime of 10:30 to 11:00 PM.

But, sometimes, it’s nice just to sleep for a little bit longer. And good for me, too.


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