Lots of Days Off Is Awful!

Today’s Run

Time – 1:01:19
Distance – 6.3 miles
Pace – 9:37 min/mi
Elevation – 146 ft.


After a little while off, I’m back at it again. Adding a little distance to one of the usual courses, and got in a little over a 10K to start the week. I’ll need to hit a lot of 6 milers during each week if I’m going to hit my mileage goals. With Baby Girl right around the corner (4 weeks to go!), I’ll need every day I can get, because that first week will probably be a big, fat DONUT!

Two Days Off in a Row Isn’t a Good Thing

I don’t do well with too many days off in a row. I had off the last two because of weather and my planned off day for Monday, and I was tearing my hair out by noon. I’m finding more and more that running really keeps me sane and stable. I need to get in mileage and exercise to feel somewhat normal. It definitely helps my mood, my patience, and my intensity. Probably not the best thing, but I don’t think I get to choose this one.

Plus, of all the things I could be doing to satiate this mental hungry, this is certainly the most healthy…


On another note, I got in my race packet for the Million Moo March virtual race, which is next week. Woohoo! I found this one through some Twitter friends (Thanks, Ordinary Marathoner and Melissa!). I’m super excited for race number two this year. I still want to get in a real life 5K, but I think I’m out of time.


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