What Did I Eat?!

Today’s Run

Time – 2:19:49
Distance – 13.2 miles
Pace – 10:32 min/mi
Elevation – 399 ft.


Long run day. Put in miles, hit a low spot about 5.5 miles in, and struggled the rest of the way. Fueling matters. I need to eat every 6 miles for long runs, not every 7. I ate at 7 miles, and then had no energy at 12.5. Needed to eat at 6 and then again at 12. Not much is needed, maybe 200 calories. Also I need to start having more water available. I’m going through 24 oz. every hour, which is about right, but I’m still losing a lot of weight on the runs.

You Ate What?!

Long run days can be great days to learn a lot. Today I learned that espresso frappaccinos do not make good pre-run snacks…


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