Stream of Consciousness While Running in Groups

Today’s Run

Time – 57:12
Distance – 5.9 miles
Pace – 9:38 min/mi
Elevation – 183 ft.


Group run tonight. Got to go out with a couple of new guys and stuck with them. We worked from a 10:30/mile down to a 8:36/mile at the end (well, it was .9, but still, close enough). I felt much better than yesterday, and the weather was similar, but I had eaten a little more since that run and was able to go strong the whole time. It was a great run! Thanks, Jay and Tim!

What Do You Think About Out There?

Did I remember everything? I think I did. I’ve got my key, right?

Yeah, there it is in my pocket. Whoa, don’t run into the group in front. Why are they going so slow? Oh, I didn’t see that person on the sidewalk.

Don’t be pushy, Adam, just keep it together. Let the group stretch out a bit, you’ll enjoy the run. Just keep moving.

Wow, this stoplight is taking forever. I hope I don’t miss the next one.

It’s cold out here still. I want to warm up soon.

We missed the light…crap.

Okay, now we’re moving. Don’t run up on her heels. Stick with these two guys. They’re being really friendly. Just don’t forget their names. Repeat them a couple of times…

Is my headlamp on? Is it too bright?

Go around her. Just move past on the right. Follow the other guy. Quick feet.

I hope it warms up. I’m getting a little cold.

I should unzip my overshirt a little bit.

Breathing is good, legs are moving. I’m enjoying this…you just got asked a question, pay attention! What was it? Oh yeah…

Quick feet. Steady breathing. Move your legs. They want to pick up the pace? You can hang with this. You’re doing 10:15/miles. This is your standard speed. You’re fine.

Still cold. I thought it was going to get warmer. Are those guys up ahead stopping?

Don’t crowd these guys. Stay in your lane. You’re swerving like a drunken Uber driver…

Car? No, they stopped, don’t forget to wave.

It’s still pretty cool out.

Unzip more. Pull down the shirt. Fix the gloves. Fix the gloves again, they feel loose…

Turn around already? That went fast. 9:45/miles help.

Up the hill. Keep the leg moving. My arms are cold. Glad I wore the second shirt.

Wow, that’s quite a story he’s telling. You don’t have anything to add to that. It’s okay to just listen…

Gulp That 9:20 hurt a bit. You’re good. Keep it together. This rise isn’t a hill, just an incline…

When did it stop being cold? And why won’t my glasses stop fogging up…Oh, that’s rain…

You caught the three in front of you?! 9:12?! Okay…

Just keep moving. It’s not cold anymore. She said to go with the front runner. DO IT!

Quick feet. You can hang with her, even though she’s got a BQ (Boston Qualifying time).

Wait, she dropped the hammer. You can’t hang with her. You just got chicked. Smile 8:36?!

Annnnnd…DONE! I love running…

Crap. Did I remember to stop my watch?


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