Running In The Dark On Halloween

Today’s Run

Time – 53:59
Distance – 5.4 miles
Pace – 9:53 min/mi
Elevation – 141 ft.

Medium length run, for me, anyway. Nothing too impressive. I ate a lot less yesterday, which translated into some slower miles today, interestingly enough. I hadn’t realized how much I was fueling up for the next day’s running until I didn’t one day. The pace was slower than I expected during those middle miles, but I still had energy to push. Just not as much as I would have liked.


Running around in the dark at night on Halloween isn’t as scary as one would imagine. Especially when there’s a huge party in the middle of town for the annual Halloween parade. I ran past the festivities. Loud and fun as always!

I also did a virtual race last night, which was my first. The idea is this: You register for the event online, they send you a race shirt, bib number, and finisher medal, then you go out and run, and when you’re done you record your time on the website. Simple, easy, and so modern-day-internet that it’s almost hilarious. The idea is great for people who can’t get to races, or want to do something interesting for their running. But I think some of the fun with running is going to races. This perpetuates the concept of community through electronic means, which is fine. There’s something for the human touch, the feel of the energy in the group, the sounds, the smells, and visuals.

I’m not replacing my races with virtual races, to be sure, but I have to admit, the finisher medal is pretty cool.



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