Cold Weather Thoughts

Today’s Run

Time – 1:55:08
Distance – 11.0 miles
Pace – 10:27 min/mi
Elevation – 189 ft.

Winter is coming…

Long run in cold weather is a whole new feeling. Especially when you forget your gloves at home. I was a little cold, but I got the miles in and felt good at the end. 33.3 miles for the week. Monday is an off-day, reset the weekly counter for Tuesday.

Shopping for Winter Running Gear is Hard

I went to the store this weekend and picked up cold weather gear. A couple of ear warmers, pants/tights for cold days, and a few more long sleeve shirts. There’s no good way to figure out how much to wear or not wear in the cold. You just have to go running and hope you can get through it with what you have.

There’s a couple of good websites out there for this kind of thing. Runner’s World has a tool that allows you to enter in information such as temperature, wind, and how warm you want to be, and it gives a list of clothing to wear. It’s not bad, but requires a bit of testing to get it to work.

Tina Muir’s blog post on the subject is excellent. She has pictures with the gear she uses, a description for each, and talks about how she personally reacts to the cold to give an idea of what to consider when planning for weather. This one is my favorite site on the subject.

Super Skinny Me does a post on this as well that has a collection of options. This one is a good cross-reference for the other sites.

All in all, I’ve found a few things to me true for me:

* I have cold hands – Years of time spent outside without gloves in the cold have finally caught up to me. I need to wear them if the temperature goes below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
* I can do just a ball cap until the low 50’s, but after that, bets off – My ears need the protection. It’s how I roll.
* Running DOES make you warm – Dress for the temperature and let the running bring you up to warmth. It works.
* Check the wind EVERY time before a run – It makes a difference. And the corollary…
* Run into the wind to start the run, and come home with it at your back – Once you get a little sweaty, the temperature hurts a lot more. Putting it at your back makes it seem a lot warmer. Direction matters!

Running continues to be a true learning experience. Lots to figure out…


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