How Do You Keep It Going?

Today’s Run

Time – 43:03
Distance – 4.5 miles
Pace – 9:28 min/mi
Elevation – 0 ft.

This way for change!

It got cold today. Here’s the late fall charging in to sweep out the cold. Treadmill time! I went a little quicker today than last time on the treadmill. Most time spent at 6.2 MPH (9:40 pace at 1% grade). The Apple Watch and Strava were actually so close to the treadmill’s numbers that I just kept the watch data and the time in order to see the heart rate information. No trouble at this speed, either. Heart rate was below 150, with a 140 BPM average and most of the run at 145 or below. Even the later parts of the run didn’t feel bad.

Motivation is Hard, Work is Easy?

Putting together the desire to run, and then write about it, isn’t always easy. Getting out the door can be tough. Once I do so, though, I’m good to go. I’ll do the run and the miles. They have meaning. After the run, again, it’s hard to sit down and type. I had to spend a lot of energy on the Master’s class and the paper due there. It takes a lot of brain power to put together good work for that class, which then makes this hard, too.

I enjoy writing about my running, though. It’s a way to get out how I’m thinking and feeling, and to remember what it was like before so that I can see the progress.

Today’s run wasn’t too awful at all. I was surprised to be going that fast on the treadmill when it still seems to be so early in the running for me. I guess, though, that I’ve been doing this since late June, and I shouldn’t be surprised anymore. The work that I put in all those years ago still has value, even if most of the fitness went away. My body can remember how to do this, and the consistency I’ve tried to show over the last few months cannot be discounted, either. Running 5 days a week will cause you to find big gains.

I know that the rate of return on my running will slow down. I’ll stop getting faster as quick as I have been, and, eventually, I’ll just stop getting faster. I’m okay with the idea of that, I guess. I’ll be disappointed when it happens, because so much of me feels like I’ve wasted opportunities to get faster and fitter over this last decade. But my life has changed in so many ways that I can’t complain at all. I’m a father now. I’ve got a loving wife who supports all of my crazy. I’ve been able to find a career that I enjoy immensely and can say that I am reasonably successful at doing. I like where I am, for the most part, and I don’t have anything I need to change right now.

This means that everything will change very soon, because that’s the only constant…


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