Combining Things, Like Eggs and Toast

Today’s (Yesterday’s, Actually) Run

Time – 1:02:21
Distance – 5.9 miles
Pace – 10:24 min/mi
Elevation – 129 ft.

Great pairings in breakfast history…

Easy running day. Kept the pace down, but with my fitness increases, the runs have been slowly getting faster. It felt really good, and it was nice to get out in these extra “warm” days in autumn. Just need to work on my food intake. I’m taking in too many calories after the run. We’re almost out of cookies, so that will probably help if we don’t get anymore. (Guilty as charged, your honor…)

Putting Two Things Together Can Be Fun

During the run today, I got a phone call on my headset from Best Friend. He and I got to shoot the bull for about 45 minutes while I was running. He’s been taking up running, too, so it was fun to talk a little shop while working my way around the loop.

Combining a couple of things together always seems to make the days go by smoother. I do audiobooks in the car during the commute because I just don’t have enough time to read, and I have 45 minutes to spend whether I want to or not. Doing blog posts or catching up on social media is an obvious choice during breakfast and morning coffee. So, running and talking on the phone seems completely normal, right?


Consider this concept: easy running days are supposed to be at a “conversational” pace. I’ve talked about this before in run summaries. The easiest way to limit your running to a pace in which you can talk is to talk while you run. It’s almost too self-evident.

I don’t always have the luxury of a running group. I do get to enjoy the Wednesday night Runwell group, which has been a fun addition to my training. But I’m out there 5 days a week, and my running friends are few. Thus, Best Friend gets his phone call answered and I get ensure a slow, low-HR run. Win-win for everyone!

Of course, the strange looks from people I pass as we discuss Broadway shows and past college antics is the trade-off…


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