Cash In The Bank

Today’s Run

Time – 31:02
Distance – 3.3 miles
Pace – 9:19 min/mi
Elevation – 78 ft.


Four days in a row, crossing over from last week to this week. This is supposed to be a rest week, so I’ll take a mile off each run and only do 8–10 on Sunday. Mileage should end right around 25–27 for the week.

Today was quick. Probably much faster than should follow the long run, but I’m finding that my legs are pretty strong. I’ve got to be careful about spending too much of the savings I have in the “Strong Legs” account, or I’ll find it empty and then I’ll get injured.

Paying into the “Running” Account at the Bank of Fitness

Running is like putting money in the bank. If you keep adding to the account, it will grow. If you don’t, there are fees and charges that slowly pull all of the money out of the account. If you run too hard, too fast, for too long, it spends the money in the account. If you race, it spends the account.

Overtraining is just spending more than you make. It’s like that credit card I got in college that eventually became the STUPID decision that took years to fix. Too much hard running will only slow down your running because you’ll have to rest up and wait for healing to get back to normal.

Days like today are fine occasionally, but I’ve got to be careful with the hard stuff. This wasn’t a “scheduled” workout, and I didn’t need to push so much. When you have positive balance in the account, it’s easy to spend a little bit of it. Sometimes fast running feels really easy. I can tell that it’s not taking as much effort to hold a faster speed, and the heart rate is telling the same story. The training is working.

I’ll just keep puttin’ that cash in the bank!


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