Things You Notice

Today’s Run

Time – 2:18:36
Distance – 13.2 miles
Pace – 10:29 min/mi
Elevation – 382 ft.

Nothing like this here yet…

Strava says my Suffer Score was “Extreme” at 171. Apparently, long runs can do that. It was a bit tiring at the end and much cooler than I expected with the wind (15–20 MPH from the northwest..that’s cold stuff right there!). I made a short-sleeve shirt and shorts work with my Runwell ball cap, but when I got out into an open area, it was chilly. I’ll have to take wind chill into account more closely next time when I prepare. All in all, for a half marathon distance, it was a good run. I maintained pace VERY consistently throughout. I’ve got that pace and heart rate locked in. I’d like to get to a point where I can run more at “Endurance” pace (below 122 BPM), but that’s a little ways off at a reasonable speed. I can hold this one with proper food and hydration for a long time if necessary. I needed salt and electrolytes near the end, so I’ll need to take that into consideration for the future. I don’t have a source picked out yet, so it’s time to research.

What I Find Myself Paying Attention To On The Run

  • The leaves haven’t turned yet. It’s the Ides of October and the trees are (mostly) green. Lots of leaves have fallen, but the really wooded areas near here have not done much in the way of colors yet. Time to Wikipedia leaf peeping and Autumn leaf color, because I have an addiction to information found online.
  • Cold temperatures have WAY more nuance than they used to. I now understand why you can buy three different version of the same coat at Eddie Bauer with different linings, fills, or thicknesses. I used to only have two coats: one for rain, and one for cold. Everything else was just a fat guy in a T-shirt.
  • Drivers don’t look both ways very often before moving. Sometimes you get a person that pays attention, but most people only look at the direction of traffic that will hit them first. They don’t glance the other way until they are rolling (sometimes its only a crawl, but the wheels are turning). LOTS of people making right turns don’t look to the right, which means they miss people (or runners) wanting to get into the crosswalk. I’ve had to wait on more than a few people who would crush me if I didn’t stop because they won’t look, despite the fact that the crosswalk has the right of way. Thus, defensive running.
  • Nothing is better than running under a blue sky. Can’t be beat…

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