I’m a Race Car!

Today’s Run

Time – 44:14
Distance – 4.2 miles
Pace – 10:32 min/mi
Elevation – 0 ft.


Indoor track run today. Pushed a bit, but the overall pace doesn’t show it because the cool down walk was included above. I was probably a good 35–40 seconds faster per mile for the pace, which is quick. I’m happy with this run, especially with the weather outside.

Left Turn!

It was raining and windy and getting colder by the minute, and I haven’t bought any cold weather running gear yet, so I went off to the YMCA to go running. I arrived to find the lights in the fitness center out and a sign that it was closed until 10/12 for maintenance and equipment replacement. At least I’ll have new treadmills to look forward to this winter!

In the meantime, I was without a motorized running surface, and the sign redirected me to the running track above the basketball courts.

I’ve never run on this track, so my expectations were cloudy at best. I just wanted to run, and the 40 degree F wind chill outside was making this the best available option. I put my keys in the locker, turned to the track, and checked the direction. Counterclockwise on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, and clockwise the rest of the time. Then I noticed the other item on the sign. 13 laps to a mile…that’s a whole lot of left turns…

219 left turns later, and now I know what a NASCAR feels like. VROOM, VROOM!


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