Long Run Again

Today’s Run

Time – 2:17:45
Distance – 12.7 miles
Pace – 10:50 min/mi
Elevation – 276 ft.


Nice sized long run today. Got up early and out the door about 7 AM. It was a long day, and I found a great route that I enjoyed in the early part of the morning. I ran out of calories and water with about 2 miles to go, which hurt. I slowed for coming back in because of it. I’ll need to adjust the food/water intake a little bit, but that’s what training is for…to figure these things out.

The Best Part of Long Runs

The best part of the long run is the reward afterwards. I’ll probably regret all the food I ate today, but it was worth it. I still ended up underneath my calorie counts for the day, which is great.

I’m really, REALLY tired, though. Hitting a 10K PR on the way to 12.7 miles will do that…

This will be a short blog tonight. I’m needing to hit the hay.


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