Take A Step In Anger

Today’s Run

Time – 29:31
Distance – 3.15 miles
Pace – 9:21 min/mi
Elevation – N/A (Guess why not?)


I went out after updating the watch to WatchOS 4 and the phone to iOS 11. I figured I would just see what would happen on this run instead of planning a specific workout because it was later than usual, and I had to run in the dark. I got a new yellow reflective vest and ran on campus, so it was a well-lit evening. Good run. I was able to push hard. Fastest run so far.

I Just Wanted to Go Running

It was a long day at work today. Lots to do, not a lot of time, but still fulfilling in a lot of ways. I worked hard today. When I left, I was about an hour behind schedule, which was great for my commute, as most people had finished their drive home. The not-so-great part was that I got home after sunset. Quick costume change, grabbed the new safety vest, and out the door I went.

I figured that my watch and the app would be a problem after the upgrade. I was a little grumpy about getting out to run in the dark. I knew that I was stressed, and that I had taken yesterday off and eaten my way back to my old weight (not quite, but it was definitely not on-plan), so I was ready to just run. The audio cues for the run did not work in my headphones, so I didn’t have a regular reminder of how fast or far I had gone.

Instead, I just went running. I don’t have a specific plan or schedule to hit right now (that starts in January for the marathon), so I knew that I could run however I wanted tonight and not mess anything up too badly. I started with a quick turnover and decided to just keep going. After a while, I got faster. And faster. And then I was able to just keep running at that pace.

5K later and I chose to end the run and walk in the last three-quarters of a mile (the numbers above don’t reflect the walk). It was a pretty good feeling. I knew that I had run fast. Sub–30 minutes for the 5K! I’m not setting records, but this is FAST for me. The heartrate was high, but not out of the park. I probably had a little more speed left in the tank, which is good to know.

Phil Liggett, of Tour de France television fame, would say I ran the first steps in anger of the day (to paraphrase). Maybe I had some things to get out of my system. I’m looking forward to a slightly slower run tomorrow. I like going for an hour or so. It feels good to move that long and that far.

But, sometimes, it’s just fun to go out for a run.


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