I’m Gonna Claw My Eyes Out

Today’s Run

Time – 49:54
Distance – 4.51 miles
Pace – 11:04 min/mi
Elevation – N/A

Winter running at its finest…

Treadmill running. I couldn’t bring myself to run outside in the dark as the cold front has moved through today. It’s just a little too cool, and the darkness has crept in early, which calls for a headlamp, reflective vest, or other visibility gear. I’m not in possession of any of that equipment yet, and I didn’t feel like carrying my phone flashlight the whole way. So I went off to the gym to watch the middle innings of the Cardinals-Cubs game and stare at the wall.

Treadmills are boring…

Seriously, gonna claw my own eyes right out. Treadmill running is bad. I’m not sure how the winter is going to work out for me. If I have to run inside while staring at the wall the whole time (there’s no baseball in winter), I’m gonna lose my mind. And with marathon training for the winter needed in order to get ready for a springtime race, I’m pretty sure that my brain will melt out of my ears.

I’m going to be buying a lot of running tights (thank goodness I’ve lost all that weight) and long sleeve shirts. Must run outside… Need scenery changes…

It’s time to learn what the best clothing options are for running in different temperatures and weather types. This site has a chart on options. There are a ton of others out there that I found that have good data. A little Google searching and you’ll see what I’m talking about there.


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