Looking Forward to Christmas

Today’s Run

Time – 49:16
Distance – 4.65 miles (or was it?)
Pace – 10:36 min/mi
Elevation – 118 ft.


Track miles tonight. Got to watch the local Pee-Wee football practice as I did my laps. Descending miles for the first 5K, then an easy 1.5 miles to finish up. All told, a good run. The 5K was 31:03, so not too fast, but good.

Can’t wait for Christmas

I have come to realize that my watch has problems. Or, rather, the app on my watch has problems. I use RunKeeper for my tracking through the Apple Watch and iPhone.

I ran at the local high school track tonight. According to the watch, I did 4.65 miles. The 18 laps around the track would say I ran 4.47 miles. That’s not THAT far off, but it’s a little weird to finish a mile before you get anywhere close to the finish line on the fourth lap…

What’s even weirder is that there is a 6.5 foot difference between one end of the track and the other…by the app’s calculations…

It’s a flat track…just sayin’…

Hopefully, my Christmas present (a.k.a., the Garmin) will do a slightly better job.


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