First Christmas Came, and Then It Didn’t

Today’s Run

Time – 54:10
Distance – 5.04 miles
Pace – 10:45 min/mi
Elevation – 146 ft.

I’m in there…somewhere…

Running with the group at RunWell Edwardsville tonight. The run was quiet because I didn’t bring my AirPods, so it was a night of hearing the wind, and my breath, and the sounds of my feet on the pavement. I ran alone tonight, which was nice for the silence, but I started and finished with a group so I didn’t feel alone. I like this group.

Christmas Came Early, and Then It Went Away

I got my Christmas present tonight. I bought it from the running store and then I turned it over to my wife. She’s hiding it for another 3 months. It was a good deal and I wanted to support the local store. Now I have to wait.

This is going to go well…


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