Vacation is Over…Again

Today’s Run

Time – 58:13
Distance – 5.51 miles
Pace – 10:34 min/mi
Elevation – 219 ft.


Really, this was just a better version of yesterday’s run. 5 miles feels a lot easier than it used to feel. Now I just need it to go 20 times as far, and I’ll be good.

First the Running Vacation…Now the Work Vacation…

So sad that I have to go back to work tomorrow after an 11 day vacation. It was nice to have the time off and spend it with my wife and kids, but I’m excited to get back to the job. I enjoy what I do, and I feel good about getting to do it everyday.

Running continues to prove things to me that I didn’t know were true. I ran 5.5 miles today. This, after running 5 miles yesterday, and 6 miles the day before that, and 4.5 miles the day before that. 21 miles in four days seems crazy to me. It’s not compared to some, but the fact that I can do it, and that I ENJOY it astounds me.

I can remember having to run the mile in high school and being the second-to-last guy to finish, every…single…time. The guy who finished behind me hada medical reason he couldn’t run, so he had to walk the whole thing. I was just slow. Really, really slow. And now I run…a lot…

I’m pretty excited about that, too.


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