“The Race That Eats It’s Young”?!

Today’s Run

Time – 54:52
Distance – 5.01 miles
Pace – 10:57 min/mi
Elevation – 213 ft.


No 5 mile run should look like this when the first mile and the overall pace of the run match. Perhaps I need to spend more time working on consistency and less on going faster.

Also, ordered a new running watch/GPS/electronic toy thingy for myself today. It’ll arrive at the local running shop this week and go straight to the wife for storage until Christmas. That and a new hydration pack that I’ll need for the big long runs coming soon. I love my Apple Watch, but it’s not going to cut it long term.

Hilarity on Netflix

I am not planning to make this race a part of my schedule at any point in the future, because it’s a realm of craziness I hope not to visit, but if you are looking for something to check out on Netflix, go watch The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young. It doesn’t motivate me to want to run 100 miles. Hell, it doesn’t motivate me to want to run outside ever again (but I will). No words can describe the insanity that is Barkley. You just have to watch it. It’s a documentary that is worth the viewing.

Let me say it another way. The race is 100 miles long (try more like 130, and it changes every year), and the record for the race is 52 hours…52 HOURS!!! I’ll have to do Western States in under 30 hours.

Oh, and there have been only 15 humans to finish the course in the race’s 31 year history…it took 9 years before someone did it the first time…this is not my race.


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