What Happens Today Stays With Today?

Today’s Run

Time – 30:03
Distance – 3.11 miles
Pace – 9:40 min/mi
Elevation – 119 ft.

Yeah, I’m this cool when I run…

Run fast. Run fast. Run fast. Do that 3 miles in a row and you can run a pretty good time for the 5k…at least for me.

Does Today’s Run Matter Tomorrow?

I ran fast today. So what? How much does that really matter? I think it matters quite a lot, actually.

I ran down in pace every mile today. Unintentionally, but still faster every mile. That’s a pretty good feeling to know that I can get faster, especially on a run that has an uphill for the last half mile.

Runs like this are confidence building and instructional. They let me understand how to push through and what hurting on the run can feel like. It lets me know how to pace myself for distances like the mile or 5k. I get a better idea of what kinds of speeds will burn up the tank, which is key for the long of run in California.

Today’s exercise isn’t going to change tomorrow’s fitness level all that much. It takes a pile of shavings. The Trials of Miles; Miles of Trials. Building is one brick at a time. But now I know that I’ve built a lot more of the house than I thought I had, and that I still have a lot of house to build.

I’ve got to plan a mile time trial to see where I’m at with the speed. I think the fastest I’ve ever run a mile is around 8:15, but I have no proof of that, and I can’t find the training logs from back then anymore. Mile 3 today was 9:12, and it was uphill. I’m thinking I’ve got this.


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