Does Running Hurt My Family?

Today’s Run

Time – 45:38
Distance – 4.01 miles
Pace –11:23 min/mi
Elevation – 158 ft.


Got a phone call from my best friend in Denver as I was getting ready for my run, and we got to talk as I did today’s easy workout. A simple way to run at “conversational pace” is to have a conversation while running. Thanks, Mike!

You Only Hurt the Ones You Love, Right?

Lives are pretty busy. This is a rather obvious concept. There’s a lot to do. Work, sports and events for kids, meetings for church or school or organizations and clubs can all take up time. Then there’s the cooking, cleaning, and general maintenance and upkeep of a home and household. Each of these require time. Then we want to spend time with our loved ones laughing, talking, and being together. How can you possibly fit in running? Doesn’t it mean you have to take time from something else? Don’t have I have to steal from family, because I can’t take from my job to run?

This is something I’ve had to think about a lot. When do I find the time? Am I taking away from the kids? What about supporting my pregnant wife? Where is her time and help?

She and I have discussed this. After the heart scares, and the weight loss, and the new baby on the way, we’ve had to decide together that health is a priority. It’s not the only priority, but it’s on the list. 45 minute runs can be worked into the schedule. Long runs on Saturdays or Sundays can we worked into the plan. This is what we have to do in order for me to get to walk Baby Girl down the aisle in 25 years. That’s how we’ve judged our priority. If I can work in phone calls with friends or famliy, social time with the local running club, or just a mental break to recharge, all the better.

The 100-mile race, however…that’s all my crazy…


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