Running Can Take Years

Today’s Run

Time – 50:00
Distance – 4.49 miles
Pace – 11:09 min/mi
Elevation – 195 ft.

Must continue to study the problem.

It was, for lack of a better statement, a beautiful destruction. Bad fueling yesterday, combined with hot weather, along with going out for a “fast” run and having a big hill right at the front, all came together to cause decimation. The run blew up about 3 miles in, and I limped it home. They happen. This is why you train, in order to figure out all of these little things that have to go right to have good days.

Interesting Discovery Online

I was searching around online for information and came across a training guide by Joe Rubio that is a plan for post-collegiate runners to work at continuing in order to race the 1500/Mile. It’s premise is that, like the training for high school and college runners, one should plan/expect to work for 3–4 years before seeing significant fruits of labors. The first two years will be a continuation of growth in the aerobic arena, with small advances in speed, and that the gains found in years 1–2 can be built on in years 3–4 to truly advance/improve speed.

I’m not through dissecting the document yet, or considering how it would fit into my plan. I certainly don’t want to stop progress on THE GOAL to try and achieve the other items I’ve talked about previously.

But this may be some additional insight on the topic. More studying to do…


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