My Brother Thinks I’m Flappy Bird

bodybuilder-weight-training-stress-38630Today’s Run

Time – 1:33:45
Distance – 8.43 miles
Pace – 11:07 min/mi
Elevation – 268 ft.

The Watch almost had an issue on me again. I caught it about a quarter mile into the run, so the numbers are just a little off what they would normally be. All told, though, an excellent run! I enjoyed it immensely. Now I get to take tomorrow off to spend some time with family before they travel, and pick it back up on Monday. I get three days to run this week before my self-imposed vacation from running begins. It hasn’t been very long, but a week off will probably do me good.

Running Doesn’t Have to Suck

It doesn’t have to be horrible when you go running, I’ve found. Especially if you run slow enough. But not so slow as to have it be pointless…that’s called golf.

I had some cashew milk ice cream and non-dairy cookies this evening. I think some days that my long runs are really just excuses for cookies. Maybe not. But I do know that without the long runs, cookies would be much harder to justify.

My brother, who is something of a fitness expert, as he has an actual degree in the subject from a reputible institution of higher learning, tells me that I should do a little bit of upper body weight training. His reasoning has more to do with his personal prejudices against running, as he has the ankle strength of a 4-year-old, but he can bench press a Volvo, so I don’t get too chippy with him. Regardless, he’s probably right. I can feel the tiredness of my shoulders on long days. It’s not probably supposed to be exhausting for your arms to run for 90+ minutes.

Somewhere, he’s feeling pretty vindicated right now…


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