I Hate My Apple Watch

Today’s Run

Time – 42:21
Distance – 3.85 miles
Pace – 11:00 min/mi
Elevation – At least 74 ft.

IMG_1076So, first, one of the AirPods’ batteries dies, then my watch restarts mid-run, then my Runkeeper app fails on my phone, and then I get withheld from getting to my house by the neighbor’s loose dog. I’m standing in the middle of the road with a large, unknown dog growling and barking at me. Fun times. Luckily, the owner came around the corner in his truck a few minutes later and called the dog in. No happy times here.

What Do You Do When You Hate Your Run?

I won’t lie, today’s run was really crappy. I hated it. I was mad at my watch, I was mad at my phone, I was mad at the neighbor’s dog, I didn’t get in the 4–5 miles I wanted (got close, but no cigar). With vacation right around the corner and some scheduled un-running time, I need to get my miles in now.

Days like this are a problem. I am constantly fighting against the negative parts of my brain, anyway, for lots of unfortunate neurotransmitting reasons. It’s the thorn in my side.

What do you do on the days when running stops being fun? I knew this was coming, didn’t I? But, still, even on the bad days, when I get done with the run, it feels a little better than it did before. Running has that kind of effect. It’s not happy all the time. It doesn’t feel good everyday, especially at the beginning. But with time, with patience, and with the understanding that it’s part of a life you want, enjoyment happens.

I get to see some weird stuff on my runs (as the picture above attests). I get to wave at the cars that go by, and smell the cool fall air (it’s finally here!).

Even the bad days are still pretty good…


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