IMG_1018Rest Day!

Running today would have set me up for a 6-run week. I’ve got tomorrow and Saturday all planned out, but I need to get a little work done for my Master’s. That, and get my wedding ring resized (again). Looks like I’m not running today.

Off-days are hard sometimes. The lack of endorphines is something that can be difficult to process. It really messes with my head sometimes. I’m dealing, though. It’s something that I need to learn. Not everyday can be a run day (crazed Running Streaks not withstanding…seriously, check these folks out, they’ve been doing this a long time!).

Having said all that, and despite my up and down mental state due to a chemical imbalance of positive hormones, I’m still feeling good about my runs and ready for tomorrow. Another solid breakfast of Greek yogurt and granola is on tap…I have a nearly inappropriate desire to eat those two things every day for breakfast…

We all must have our obsessions…


4 thoughts on “Mmm…granola???

  1. Wanna talk about a running streak, look up the Tendai monks… now that is impressive.

    You should go lift weights on your off day. Back and arms. When u get tired from your run and its harder to breath, runners lean over. Strong back muscles will keep you up. Strong arms will keep pumping longer and not just flap in the wind….


  2. Rest is also a discipline, so good job! I eat the same lunch pretty much every day. Same breakfast too. Also have lost quite a bit of weight and that routine keeps me on point! Some people call it boring, I call it PREDICTABLE! 🙂 Great work!


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