Today’s Run

Time – 1:36:09
Distance – 8.63 miles
Pace – 11:08 min/mi
Elevation – 274 ft.

Long run! Farthest so far and a good time. I was able to go the whole way (except for having to stop at several lights near the end due to traffic…better safe than sorry!) and afterwards I was tired! It certainly took a lot out of me, but, then again, I am just getting back into this craziness. I’ll have an easy run tomorrow, and next weekend another 90 minute long run goal. No new miles to add on to the next long run, but running the same time goal to keep up the improvements.

Find Inspiration Where You Can

Consistent running is a rhythm. It’s about finding ways to stay engaged in the moment and motivated to keep going out for a run. There are days where it seems silly, or the excuse is readily available, or the tiredness of the legs is just dragging on you. I’ve done a lot of running in the past, so I know that those days are shortly ahead. This blog is one way that I’m planning to use to get out the door. If I have to write a post, then I have to run. It can be just that simple.

Another way that I know works for me is to be motivated by things I find. I like to look for videos on YouTube or Vimeo (track down Billy Yang…you won’t be disappointed). I read books and magazines (I have two magazines on my nightstand and a slew of RSS feeds in Reeder from online sources, including Trail Runner Magazine and Ultrarunning Magazine). And I look for stories that I help me to see the importance of the run, and yet, how much it doesn’t need to rule my life.

Gabe Grunewald is a Brooks-sponsored athlete and runner in the middle distances. She’s been a runner-up at the 1500m at the NCAA DI Nationals. She’s been to the IAAF World Indoor Championships. She’s run at numerous US Olympic Trials and National Championship meets. And she’s had cancer. Four times. And is still taking chemo.

More precisely, this summer at the US National Championships, she had two weeks of chemo, then ran a 1500m heat at the meet. She has her own official “bad ass” thread over at LetsRun.com.

Gabe’s perspective is uplifting and focused. She knows that it’s not always wine and roses, but she’s a fighter. Her Twitter feed is on my reading list. It’s a reminder that running is fun, goals are important, and LIVING LIFE is what matters most.

Her story can be seen here:

Go Gabe!

*As a professional runner, her income is limited to sponsorships. There’s a donations page for Gabe’s medical expenses available if you would like to help. Find it HERE.


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