Even Vegans Think This Is a Good Idea


Today’s Run

Time – 30:59
Distance – 3.14 miles
Pace – 9:53 min/mi
Elevation – 90 ft.

Due to an unforseen scheduling change, I was able to run tonight. With two days off this week already, I figured I would go out and push it. I put on my 180 bpm album from iTunes and took off. 5k later, and I’ve got my first run with a pace below ten minutes per mile! I haven’t done that in a really long time (like, George W. Bush was in his first term)! The thought of doing it for more than that, like 26.2, or even 100 miles, seems far-fetched right now. I’ve only been back at running regularly for two months, and it’s been consistent, which is the key. I’m excited!

If Vegans Think This Is a Good Idea, I Must Be On The Right Path

No Meat Athlete is a blog/podcast/book by Matt Frazier, a vegan runner whose work on the podcast with Doug Hay from Rock Creek Runner is something I enjoy during the commute to and from work. They have a fun rapport, good content, and a subject that intrigues me (but not necessarily my thing…yet). In the latest podcast, they talk about “10 Rules to Stay Motivated and Get Results.” Specfically, they refer to the idea that you should have a big goal…like, a really big goal…like “Run a 100 miler,” they say…

Hmm…I should try that.

*Thanks, Matt and Doug! Love the podcast! I’ve got the book and cookbook on the Amazon Christmas list!


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