Why Am I Running?


Today’s Run

Time – 38:20
Distance – 3.58 miles
Pace – 10:43 min/mi
Elevation – 157 ft.

Back outside in the fresh air. The evenings are slowly starting to cool, despite it being August. I’ll definitely need solid winter gear this year.

Something Else About Me

Now that you’ve been given more information about THE GOAL, I can tell just a little more about why I’m doing this, and maybe about The Idea (perhaps you are seeing a trend here with the big concepts…I’m learning Markdown, if you can’t tell).

The why is really simple. I like cookies. Not in a oh-cookies-are-fun-to-eat-kind-of-way. More like the blue, hairy guy from that Street on TV…instead of Sasquatch, we may see Cookie Monster roaming the trails of Western States. I have a bit of an addiction, you could say.

My grandmother loves to tell this story: Starting when I was young (3 or 4 years-old) and until I reached my middle youth, I would rush in the backdoor of their house, and charge up to my grandpa. He would lift me onto the counter and let me reach into the cookie jar on the top shelf to get two Fig Newtons…so…good…

Anyway, cookies are my weakness, like Superman and Kryptonite, or Donald Trump and 140 characters. Except my cookie addiction didn’t cause Amazon to lose $6 billion dollars in value. Way to go, Mr. President. Seriously, though, it’s more about the amount than the man. Economics are scary sometimes…

But I digress. I like to eat cookies. Since the diet, I cut out dairy (except Greek yogurt) and wheat, which puts a real hamper on my cookie addition. I’ve found a substitute from Meli’s Cookies which are amazing.

To feed the cookie beast lurking inside me, I run. I’ve lost all this weight, and changed my lifestyle and eating habits. I’m able to keep it off, even with cookies, but I want to do better than just maintenance. I want to move now that I can. So I run, and not triathlon, for reasons stated here. Running is how I feel good, it’s how I justify my one addiction, and it’s how I know that I didn’t go and dump a bunch of pounds just because I could. I want to achieve THE GOAL.

As for The Idea, I think I’ll save that for tomorrow.


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