rocket-launch-space-discoveryI’m not fast.  I don’t eat vegan (yet).  And I can’t run continuously for more than about an hour (as of now).  But I will run the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run.  I’m making it THE GOAL.

The plan is this.  Train…a lot.  Run a 100 miler in 2018 near here that’s approved in the entry process.  Apply to the lottery.  If accepted, train a lot more.  Run on the fourth Saturday in June.  If not…rinse and repeat.

One of two things will happen: 1) I’ll either run it in 2019, or 2)…well…I’ll run a bunch of 100-milers till I get in.  Either way, looks like I’m investing in shoes and chaffing cream.

My wife probably thinks I’m crazy, as is the norm around here when I get a wild hair.  She’s patient, willing to put up with my lunacy, and the only reason I can pull this off.  It’s all about the support structure, right?  My kids will get a kick out of it.  We have a little girl on the way, so she’s gonna end up spending a bunch of time in a running stroller somewhere along this trip.

I’ll post as often as necessary to keep the motivation up.  I’ll put out training times, plans, and ideas for things to make me better.  I’ll consider the race, the stuff I’m going to need, and need to do to get THE GOAL.  Knowing myself, I’ll have to scour the internet for images, videos, and words that drive me to continue.  You’ll get to see how the inside of my head works (yeah…sorry about that).

Here it goes…


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